lantern procession through Bath

For the first few weeks of the autumn term, a team of Bath Spa University Textiles and 3D Design students were involved in making 3 large paper and wicker lanterns in the shape of an anchor, a cannon and an albatross/seagull.  These were our responses to the Holburne Museum’s 2014 theme called Voyages of Discovery.  We constructed frames out of flexible willow stems by making several small basic shapes and then built on them using weaving techniques.

20141022_143643 20141022_164125 20141105_163711

The frames were then rigged with LED lights and wrapped in cling film to make them weatherproof.  A papier-mâché layer was then glued over each one like a translucent skin and covering up the structure and joints.  The effect of light through a membrane is lovely and I can’t believe that only a few years ago these things used to have candles inside them!

The first and only flight of our albatross.  This photo shows slight articulation in the wings.

20141120_17560620141120_175656 20141120_180700

Some of the other amazing creations on parade including jellyfish by local schoolchildren.  This shark was built in sections to allow realistic movement through the body.  There was even red paint around the mouth and teeth. 20141120_175140 20141120_180425 20141120_180324

20141120_180504  20141120_192434

20141120_174851  20141120_192954


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