“Gentrification…there goes the area” says Grayson Perry

I haven’t seen much of the work of this year’s 4 Turner Prize finalists yet so will hold judgment.  However, I did notice in the coverage yesterday that a disproportionate number of artists have come through Glasgow School of Art.  What’s been happening to the art scene in London and the rest of the country?

Grayson Perry, winner in 2003, thinks it’s a lot to do with unaffordable housing in London.  While this is true, it is also the case in many other cities and young people are being crippled with ridiculous charges in rent and studio space that they’re put off simply because of the expense.  The result of this is a lack of communities and vibrancy in inexpensive areas because “rich people don’t create culture… Gentrification is a kind of synonym for all becoming a bit the same.”  I completely agree with him but he does repeat himself throughout the article.  Or perhaps it is an example of lazy reporting by the Independent.  I would like to have heard more ideas about how he’d go about it, apart from having a word with Boris Johnson.



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