MIITO kettle by nils chudy (design academy eindhoven)

The James Dyson Foundation nominated an innovative energy-saving kettle by Nils Chudy of Design Academy Eindhoven.  It was one of the stand out exhibits for me at Designs of the Year 2015 at Design Museum in London.  On most kitchen surfaces, it appears less intrusive and dominant as a domestic appliance and will only boil as much liquid as you want to consume, from any vessel with a flat bottom.  The wand below was inserted into a mug containing water and heated to a boil by induction.  Warm your cocoa, baby milk, mulled wine, soup etc more quickly and save electricity compared to an electric kettle.

kettle9  kettle7baseLight kettle5RodDesigns   kettle4InductionExperis

Chudy and his design partner Jasmina Grase have worked on projects that tend to improve on systems and products within the home.  One common feature of their creations is a strong will to save space and energy by making things less complicated and removing unnecessary protruding elements like switches.  As such, their slogan is Rediscover Ordinary.

kettle2   kettle3ThingsThatHeat

Currently, this is a working prototype and the MIITO duo are close to raising a target of €150,000 to bring it into our homes by April 2016.  I hate descaling and can’t wait.  Just look at the nasty limescale after 6 weeks on our electric kettle.



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