‘creating narratives’ part 2: eating OUT (week 1)

For the next stage of the Creating Narratives module, all elements of fantasy and fiction have been removed and it is centered around an actual need with a true story to tell.  As a well-travelled cyclist and very happy camper, I’d like to think about meeting our individual needs on the road or at the wild camping spot for the night.  Carrying everything on the back of a bicycle, there are always physical restrictions and limits on dimensions, weight, capacity and materials.  Given the 5 week turnaround for this project, I think having severe restrictions like these will help me maintain focus and work within strict parameters.  Additionally, sticking to real tried-and-tested habits is much much easier than having to come up with a fictional scenario of a dystopian nature.

Primarily, I am trying to create a personal narrative on the subject of camping/cycling while also addressing function, rather than appearance or style.  As a result, I am investigating possibilities for studying the following:

  • cooking, paraphernalia + process
  • storing food / cooking equipment
  • fixing bicycles / maintenance  883959883_05a3eeb7dd_o 883959861_d4ea65a95f_oSwedish camping grounds are beautifully organised, free of charge and sometimes even provide a stash of dry wood to burn in the stone firepit

883827155_11ad7727e4_o a deliciously decadent dessert of blue cheese, crackers and wild blueberries

DSC_0200 884562040_da0657ab95_odinner of meatballs & gravy and corresponding campers’ drink of choice

IMG-20150704-WA0000 IMG-20150704-WA0002  6 panniers, 1 drysack and 1 tent for 17 days in Belgium

EjT1iB4VEkzKPWg_CDeTDyuf1DPQRO0pYCyc9MfFzSY=w368-h207-p-no Bank Holiday weekend near Frome

884497964_0abcfd95f4_o what happens when it’s raining

884498040_eac763b602_ocamping meals always come with a spectacular view

Elements to consider including:

  • who is my viewer?
  • where / how are they witnessing / finding out about my story?
  • heat + fire + light
  • food + source (not hunting)
  • space : weight
  • needs : wants (comforts + less necessary)
  • sparks / flints / matches / lighters
  • not breakable / dangerous (glass)
  • power generating / charging
  • weather / waterproof
  • cleaning up after a meal / prep for the next one
  • setting up camp + bed
  • water quality / purification

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