philippe starck

The French designer has been a very big name in design since the 1980s.  Philippe Starck is best known for his quirky creativity and wide variety of products, some of which have become iconic.  “Every object, every shape, every style must have a meaning, and it is this meaning that influences us every day”, he says.  Much less known is his extensive work to bring about design democratisation, or to enable everyone to have the best quality, for the most reasonable price and available to as many as possible.  His 2002 range for the American retail chain, Target, was a massive success in getting attractively designed products into homes that would never pay designer prices.

starck_baby_monitor Corporation: Target Designer: Philippe Starck Project: Housewares Year: 2001 Well-known designer Philippe Starck created a line of 52 household items for the discount retailer, one of its first high-profile design collaborations. Objects included a sleek, rectangular tape dispenser (seen here) and a toddler's plastic cup styled to look like a crystal goblet.

a baby monitor (red one was for the adult to wear) and a sticky-tape dispenser

In recent years, Starck has designed hotels, boutiques, restaurants, entire buildings and their interiors, as well as luxury boats for people like Steve Jobs.  They all have quirky features, somehow giving them a stamp identifying them as a Philippe Starck creation.

starck tooth  starck bubu stool

Tooth Stool in silver and Bubu II Stool

Another thread running through his work is an interest in the environment and projects that nestle themselves sustainably within it.

starck-slide-bike-helmet2  starck turbine

a bike helmet with a visor and a domestic wind turbine to generate electricity for your home


PIBAL bi-cycle (in collaboration with Peugeot) is both a pushbike and scooter

Those Classics….


Juicy Salif lemon squeezer, described as “a conversation starter” by Starck himself


Louis Ghost Chair by Kartell in 2002 (mimics a Louis  chair in almost every way but its material)


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