‘creating narratives’: eating OUT (week 4)

As part of the Drawing & Visual Research module last year, I made a series of models using 8cm clear plastic test tubes.  They were abundant and quite fun to work with.  Since then, they have nearly all disappeared but I remembered what they could be used for in terms of eating OUT and wanted to design a herb holder with them in mind.

This week, I made 2 primitive models of one of my first designs – a very simple wrap with loops to hold the test tubes, lazily stapled together.  The 2 versions were to see how one or two loops worked differently and how they changed the structural strength.  With only 150mm in height, there was not much point in looking into this aspect at all.  I was disappointed with my efforts and didn’t feel particularly excited about the work I’d produced.

These are my sketched out ideas for how it might look and roll up with photos of the outcomes:

SAM_8119   SAM_8115   SAM_8112 SAM_8114 Is it better to have one wide strip to hold the tubes or 2 thinner ones? A single thin one near the base makes removing/replacing tubes easier but allows too much wobble and possibility of caps falling off near the top.Version 2 SAM_8109 Looks compact and provides enough upright stability when getting knocked around in the panniers.  However, the ice-cream box can be spacious and accommodate a bit more than just herbs, spices and oil.  Now considering ways to carry cooking utensils in the same pouch.

SAM_8118 Stupidly, I didn’t draw the cutlery to scale!  I drew around the test tube and oil holder so these are more or less correct drawings with accurate measurements.  The chopsticks, spork, penknife and knife/spoon/fork set could easily be included with more generous dimensions.

To discover more interesting variables for this project, I sketched out more ideas and had a look at Pinterest for other kinds of kits online.  There were loads.  Here are the most relevant ideas for a picnic style zip up affair with compartments.

hang pouch side2 pencil case

With 1 week to go, I urgently need to address the tube plugs – cork, perspex, silicon stop/2 tiny rings on perspex.


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