‘creating narratives’: eating OUT (week 5)

My principal idea is to house and secure essential parts of the kit upright around the edges, allowing room for additional bits and pieces in the middle.  For example, there’s often a handful of sultanas in a small bag that get forgotten about.  Using a tough fabric is important as it will get knocked around in the bicycle panniers.  I’ve cut up an old suitcase and intend to use the zips and sturdy fabric in my camping kit for herbs and spices.

The final design incorporates long zips in a U-shape and elasticated loops to hold test tubes and cutlery at the sides.  Although I’ve only just found this image, the basic structure is very similar.  I’d like it to have more open access with zips going down the sides so that it opens out completely flat.  This way, it’s easy to see all the contents and use them without getting mixed up.


My final design as a net should zip up like a box and open out flat so all the contents are visible and easy to use:




These are the most recent additions to the herbs+spices kit.  We need them for cooking anyway so why not store them all in the same place?  I intend to sew in elastic loops and secure them upright inside the pouch.


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