‘creating narratives’: eating OUT (conclusion)

The assessment for this Creating Narratives module went well and I’m satisfied with how everything came together on the day. Ideally, I would like to have had more time to improve the stitching on the spice holster itself and make bungs out of food-grade silicone.

SAM_8164I wanted to present my work in an authentic environment where my tutors could witness the new seasoning kit being used. Bath Spa University is blessed with some beautiful settings and the Sion Hill campus is surrounded by deciduous trees, all looking fabulous in their autumn colours. I pitched the tent on soft ground under a large lime tree and set up my project inside while waiting for the rain to stop. That day we had some heavy rainfall but I had a lucky pause in which to cook my lunch and show how the test tubes might be used.

a spice brace3a spice brace2 Lunch was macaroni and a fresh tomato sauce with onions, garlic, oregano, basil, rehydrated minced beef, salt and ground black pepper.

Also submitted:

  1. a 100-word statement describing my principal idea
  2. mood board/direction document to show how the project evolved and important visual references I drew upon


1. eating OUT statement

Woodland areas are wonderful and can bring me peace and deep relaxation. Eating an evening meal in such a special environment is an experience I’d like to share and hope that others are enchanted by this kind of al fresco dining.

In preparing some hot food, I’d be delighted to demonstrate that eating outdoors does not mean wasps and unnecessary exposure to British weather. Adding herbs and spices really can enliven a packet soup enough to make a lovely little pasta sauce. Eating is more pleasurable when there’s been time to notice how the food was being made.

2. mood board/direction document

a cooking kit direction doc  and  a cooking kit direction doc2



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