sonic research in nature and björk

This December, Italy has been given a spectacular sound and light show through the recent volcanic activity in Sicily – Mount Etna has been erupting again. The tremendous display of heat and light coming from the crater can only be partly imagined if unable to experience the unearthly phenomenon in person. With the ground shaking underfoot, an all-encompassing presence of toxic gases and sulphur and a heavy dusting of volcanic ash on every available surface indoors and out are remote experiences from most of our day-to-day lives.

Bjork has been looking into ways of visualising sound so that we can understand ways in which it works.” Evan Grant, from Cymatics, said “One of the things I love about Bjork and her approach to music is that she’s very scientific, she takes this very holistic approach. She looks at everything, she digs into the world and into existence, trying to bring real substance and meaning into her music.”

These are links to a few online resources describing how the whole spectacular Biophilia project came to fruition:


The Berlin-based Swiss photographer, Ester Vonplon, has captured some amazing images of melting glaciers. Her focus has been about documenting attempts to ward off the effects of global warming and the rapid retreat of the Alpine glaciers by draping reflective sheets over them to slow down the melting of ice. The haunting photos show how nature has fought back and had its own impact on the clean white stitched sheets by ripping them apart under the weight of water, fallen debris, ash and so on.

esther vonplon esther vonplon2 esther vonplon3 esther vonplon4 esther vonplon5 esther vonplon6 esther vonplon7

Despite being almost human-free landscapes, this audio visual footage shows how surprisingly loud glaciers are. The mountainous terrain produces terrifying echoes and carries/reflects the cracking sounds of melting ice and dripping water all around. Definitely not the tranquil places of awe and wonder we imagine them to be.



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